If you refer a company to Five Nines and they sign a 3 year partnership, you will get 50% of their first month contract amount!


Who is eligible?

All employees, individuals, customers, and businesses are eligible to receive incentives for a successful referral, with the exception of sales, marketing, and executive team employees.

How do I submit a referral for it to be counted?

All referrals must have a form submitted through

What counts as a referral?

An eligible referral must include name of the referred business, contact person, contact person role, contact person email/phone number, general information on the company, and consent/awareness that Five Nines will be reaching out to them. The referred company must close for a 3 year partnership.

What is the life-duration of a referral?

If a referral does not close immediately, you can still receive credit and incentive should that company convert for up to 12 months after a referral is submitted at

How do I get paid for a referral?

Once the referral is submitted, our marketing team will track the referral through the sales process and update you if they get to the proposal stage. If they convert as a customer, they will submit a request to accounting for the amount of 50% of month 1 MSA which will be paid to you following the first month of service, once billing amount is received.

What conditions must referrals complete for me to earn the reward?

A signed 3-year partnership agreement within 24 months of the referral form being submitted.

Are businesses eligible?

The referral program and incentives are the same for businesses. For those with a current partnership agreement, 50% of the referred clients’ first month contract MSA will be credited back to the business, as well as a $100 Amazon gift card to the individual. For those who are not current customers who refer a company, the process is the same and will see the same incentives.