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Taleena Stanbrough

As the Director of HR, Taleena’s goal is to do whatever she can to make living life to it’s fullest easier for each Five Niner. She achieves this, by fostering a culture of collaboration, trust and positivity!


Facts About Me

  • I grew up on a farm outside of Red Cloud, NE, today, I live in Lincoln with my husband and two daughters.
  • When I was a child I loved music and animals, so my dream job was a Zookeeper who listened to the radio all day!
  • My spirit animal is Taylor Swift!
  • I loathe doing laundry. Fortunately, my husband and I struck a deal when we got married that he does the laundry and I do the cooking.
  • If I won $1 Million I would buy a second home on a lake in the mountains for my family to enjoy!

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