Marshall Ford

As Training & Development Manager, Marshall is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of all Five Niners in addition to training Five Nines partners on new technology.


Facts About Me

  • I grew up in a one-stoplight town in southern Kansas named Eureka.
  • I like to get up when the Rock does at 4:00am. I love the smell of coffee and sawdust early in the morning.
  • As a child, I repeatedly got in trouble for talking to everyone and without a filter. This is a trait that my oldest son also has, I feel so bad for my parents now.
  • My greatest adventures to date are being a parent to strong willed children, and riding my bike across the state of Nebraska.
  • The strangest thing I have ever eaten is Pizza Hut pizza while working from India. It was amazing and face-meltingly hot.

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