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Jeff Newton

As vCIO, Jeff is responsible for collaborating with and advising Five Nines clients on high level strategic planning. He focuses on formulating strategic IT goals, budgeting, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitation technology changes. He interacts with a variety of boards and c-level execs to help Five Nines clients leverage IT for overall business success.


Facts About Me

  • I grew up in Omaha and graduated from UNO with a degree in Criminal Justice and Minors in Political Science and Psychology.
  • I spend nearly all of my free time inside the firearms industry, operating my business as a federally licensed firearms dealer.
  • I was welcomed back to my office with a desk drawer that had been converted into a fish tank; complete with six happy goldfish, rocks, and decorations!
  • I used to get in trouble a lot as a child for having an answer for everything!

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