Blaine Kahle

As Director of Engineering, Blaine leads research, development and solution design in virtualization, networking, systems, storage, and security.


Facts About Me

  • My wife and I have two, annoyingly intelligent cats who have taught themselves how to open cabinet doors…yes we have to childproof our kitchen against our cats.
  • I’m a volunteer map editor for the Waze navigation app, covering the state of Nebraska and part of Montana. If you have any trouble when using Waze in Nebraska and report it, I may be the editor responding to you.
  • I do most of my shopping on Amazon, leveraging my Prime subscription. I even order bulk toilet paper, which is fun to have shipped to the office!
  • For April Fools’ Day one early year at Five Nines, I created custom ringtones personalized to every employee. I was at the office until 9pm the night before, putting them in place. Waiting for the phones to ring the next day was agony, and when the first call finally came in, it was on the support line, which rang all the engineer phones simultaneously. This mostly ruined the effect as all the ringers mixed together into one gibberish noise.

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